What better way to get the full Milano’s experience than by taking advantage of our 24+, consistently-rotating beer taps, specialty mixed drinks like the Milanorita (see below), and local craft beer pride! Our 80 inch televisions make you feel like you’re at the game and our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders will make sure you’re not missing out on the latest craft beer must-haves!

Wondering what we tap and when?

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  • Brown St.
  • Beavercreek
  • Miami Township
  • Milanorita's
  • Martinis
  • Mojitos & Sangrias
  • Spiked Teas
  • Specialty Drinks
  • Shooters

Drink Menu

  • Flavored Milanoritas

    Available with a splash of strawberry, peach, mango or raspberry.

  • Milanorita Mini-Pitcher

    Same great taste and flavor of our Milanorita, just more if it!

  • Original

    Our take on the traditional margarita.

  • Apple Jack

    Jack Daniels, apple liqueur and pineapple.

  • Classic Martini

    Buckeye vodka or Tanqueray gin and dry vermouth.
    (Available dirty if thats how you like it!)

  • Creamsickle

    Liquor 43, OJ and cream.

  • Raspberry Martini

    Raspberry vodka, raspberry liqueur and lemonade.

  • S’moretini

    Marshmallow vodka, irish cream liqueur, Creme De Cacao, cream and chocolate, with a graham cracker rim.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Cosmo

    Whipped cream vodka, cranberry, strawberry and a graham cracker rim.

  • Angry Mojito

    Bacardi Limon, cider, simple syrup, fresh lime and fresh mint.

  • Limon Mojito

    Bacardi Limon, fresh lemon and lime, simple syrup, club soda and fresh mint.

  • Raspberry Mojito

    Barcardi Razz, fresh lime and raspberries, simple syrup, club soda and fresh mint.

  • Red Sangria

    Malbec, triple sec, OJ, cranberry, simple syrup, fresh lemon, lime and orange.

  • White Sangria

    Moscato, apple liqueur, triple sec, lemonade, ginger ale, simple syrup and fresh lemon, lime and orange.

  • Georgia Peach Iced Tea

    Vodka, gin, rum, peach schnapps, sour and sprite.

  • John Daly

    Iced tea vodka and lemonade.

  • Long Beach

    Vodka, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec, sour and cranberry.

  • Long Island

    Vodka, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec, sour and Coke.

  • Long Shore

    Vodka, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec, sour and sprite

  • Bloody Mary

    Vodka and our homemade mix.

  • Cherry Coke

    Bacardi Torched Cherry and Coke.

  • Cherry Limeade

    Cherry vodka, lime, cranberry and sprite.

  • Root Beer Float

    Whipped vodka, Jager, Coke and cream. (Not for Kids!)

  • Tailgater

    Bacardi Limon, apple liqueur, grenadine, cranberry and sour.

  • The Boat Drink

    Rum, peach schnapps, cranberry, OJ and pineapple. (This drink will transport you to the islands!)

  • Angry Ballz

    Fireball Whiskey and cider.

  • Aquaman

    Grape vodka, Blue Curacao, melon liqueur and sour.

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel

    Frangelico and whipped vodka.

  • Girl Scout Cookie

    Creme De Menthe, Irish cream liqueur and Creme De Cacao.

  • Gummi Bear

    Cherry vodka, peach schnapps and sour.

  • Milano’s Bomb

    Crown Royal, raspberry liqueur, cranberry and Monster.

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

    Frangelico and raspberry.